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Our Vision

I am a reading junkie. I read white papers, press releases, Instagram and Facebook posts, and so many emails.

I read books—actual books—about marketing trends and strategies, and copy written by master copywriters.

I read a lot of web pages for research, for interest, and to learn what to write (and what not to write) on a page.

I study to write with authority and persuasiveness.

I’m a word nerd and a marketing enthusiast. I’d Like to write for you.

Tell Me About You

Need copy help? Tell us what you’d like to, how you’d like to sound, and who you’d like to reach. Then we’ll get to work.
Free Revisions

I have confidence in the work I do. But, you may want to tweak it a bit. I’ll do it for free.


When a deadline is set, I’ll meet it. Period.


I like to talk to my clients before, during, and after a project. And you can contact me anytime, too.

Squeaky Clean

That means no read lines or silly typos. Editing is part of the job, not an extra cost.

Original Content

I create unique content. No copy and pasting here, not even from my own portfolio.


Appropriately target granular experiences before sustainable technology

Owner Name

I’m the owner of Copy Write Marketing. I’ve written for craft companies, tech companies, banks, and payments processing companies. I’ve written email campaigns, blog posts, Instagram and Facebook posts for retail and B2B. Let’s not forget the less-than-fun (but necessary) policy and procedure documents. I get around and my experience shows.


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