About Me


I tried to be responsible, so I studied nursing when I first started college. That’s sensible, right? The world will always need nurses and I’ll be doing good things with my life.

My mother was proud of me because I wasn’t wasting money going to college.

Then my first round of clinicals came around and I had an epiphany… I really don’t like working with patients.

So, I got an “easy” and “common” English degree. That degree led me to a career as a writer for an MLM company for 7 years, then a writer for fintech and tech companies for 3 years.

Yes, yes, these two fields have nothing in common, but my purpose remains the same: provide measurable value to my clients. Whether you need more traffic to your site, content that drives sales, or help establishing your voice, your brand, I can help you get there.

P.S. Nurses are saints and deserve to be lauded and praised all the livelong day.


Revisions are part of the process, not an extra surcharge


When a deadline is set, I meet it. Period.


I like to talk to my clients before, during, and after a project. And you can contact me anytime, too.


I let it shine so your customers know you are talking to them.

Companies with an identifiable tone create a loyal customer fan base.


I create unique content. No copy and pasting here, not even from my own portfolio.

I’m the owner of Copy Write Marketing. I’ve written for craft companies, tech companies, banks, and payments processing companies. I’ve written email campaigns, blog posts, Instagram and Facebook posts for retail and fintech. Let’s not forget the less-than-fun (but necessary) policy and procedure documents. I get around and my experience shows.